virtual planetarium

Virtual Planetarium – Educational Astronomy Software

Virtual Planetarium is a standout amongst the most interesting, engrossing, and instructive stargazing programming bundles accessible anywhere!



Virtual Planetarium has seven awesome projects in one: intelligent sky maps, an enormous library of shocking stargazing symbolism; data and pictures of the nearby planetary group and most recent space occasions; and space climate reports about sun-spots, auroras and then some.

Virtual Planetarium incorporates the most recent pictures and data got from the two Mars meanderers, the Saturn and Titan missions, and the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes! With an Internet association many pictures can be upgraded with live satellite information at the snap of a catch.


We likewise incorporate a couple of anaglyph 3-D glasses so you can see the many 3-D pictures on the circle, and in addition thousands more on the web. Virtual Planetarium is a good time for the entire family — and it is incorporated into each Deluxe, Framed and Ultimate blessing set at